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fight depression w/ self esteem building

The world is as dark of a place as it is sunny. It is difficult to even read the headlines without getting emotionally drained nowadays, and that isn't even taking into account the real life drama we all have to deal with from time to time (if not more often). Our brains can develop unhealthy patterns of producing the chemicals which induce anxiety and depression, or not producing enough of the chemicals which keep us happy and calm. Luckily, there are ways to reprogram and trick your brain into acting and thinking the way you want it to.

career & life coaching

Self discipline gets you everywhere you want in life. From the job you want to the house you want to the lover you want, a disciplined man is a confident man, and a confident man is a dangerous man. Obviously, this applies to women as well, as, especially in this modern age, women can be every bit as manly as men can be. If you need help getting focused obtaining your financial goals, or maybe just need some advice on how to befriend or seduce your boss, living studly is certainly the answer.

the art of seduction

Human beings are sexual creatures. We don't just crave contact with those we are attracted to, we need it. Studies have shown that people with happy love lives live longer, healthier lives. Whether you want to increase the amount of notches you have on your bed post, are tired of screwing up dates and want to be on the ball the next time you meet somebody special, or you just want to bring the spice back to your long term relationship, we can help.

the art of manipulation

Manipulation is a lot like a chainsaw; used properly it can be a wonderful tool to assist you in building your life and dream home. Unfortunately, it can also be used for evil, which is why the word gets such a bad rap. Here at Live Studly, we will teach you the difference between white lies and destructive lies, and how to utilize both when necessary. While our goal at Live Studly is to teach people to better themselves an d others through the power of manipulating logic and facts, sometimes one has to fight fire with fire.

confidence training

Even more than a perfect body, or a flawless face, or a humongous bank account, confidence is sexy. It is perhaps the most sexy trait a person can exhibit; if we don't believe that we are greatness personified, how will anyone else ever have that opinion? Despite what you don't like about yourself, you have amazing qualities that you should be proud of, because all people do. Tapping into those abilities can be tricky, but learning to make your weaknesses your strengths while perfecting what you're naturally good at is paramount to high confidence levels.

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Live Studly is the dream of two people, Caitlin McCormack & Brian Zelden, who want to see the world a happier, more confident place. Their belief is clear: the healthier a mind,  the healthier a person. Healthy people breed a healthy society, and a world of peace won't be born from unaware malcontents. If you feel as if your life is lacking, contact us today.


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